Ducting Hoses
Available in different size and length based choices, offered ducting hoses are used as reliable transferring solutions for air, fluid, gas and smoke. Based on their design, offered hoses can be used at maximum 200 degree C operating temperature.
Agriculture Hoses
PVC made Agriculture Hoses can be availed in single or double layered design choice. These high pressure proof hoses can be accessed in cotton and polyester jacketed version to suit specific application requirement of customers.
Food Grade Hoses And Tubes
Food Grade Hoses And Tubes are suitable for smooth transferring of edible quality fluids for their non toxic content. Made of PVC and rubber, these hoses are kink proof and leakage protected.
Pipe Nipples
Round shaped Casting Iron Casting Nipples are well known as highly durable fitting accessories. Threading standard of these pipe fitting accessories conforms to global norms. Black in color, these nipples are totally rust proof and wear protected.
Washing Hoses
PVC made car washing hoses are reckoned for their high flexibility, smooth flow rate and braided design. Available in different color choices, these hoses are maximum 6 meter in length.
Industrial Hose Fittings
Made of carbon steel and stainless steel, offered Industrial Hose Fittings are used for secure joining of two hoses while transferring different media. These pipefitting accessories are offered in silver and golden color choices.
Carbon Free Hoses
Carbon Free Hoses can be used at up to 100 degree C operating temperature. Available in green colored nitrile compound covered design, offered hoses are reckoned for their strong tear resistant feature.
Reinforced Hoses
Transparent Reinforced Hoses are suitable for medium pressure applications i.e. these hoses are required for transferring of diluted acid, water and oil. These industrial hoses are leakage proof and are highly flexible by design.
Nylon Tubes
Highly flexible Nylon Tubes are reckoned for their chemical proof design, high pressure and high temperature enduring capacity and leakage proof quality. These UV stabilized tubes can be used for handling oil, grease and alkali.
Polyurethane Tubes are reckoned for their multi purpose applications. These PU products are  maximum 100 meter long and are 16 mm in size. These PU tubes can be used at wide temperature and pressure range to suit specific application requirement.

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